Number One


“Number one”
Mirror surfaces beckon last time. The light of the red lights is very unflappable on
it is noticeable. Visible and ugly beautiful!
“Number One” screams like an evil Ensign.
Please – “Quiet!” Agrees and almost whispers. Whispers gently and languidly, but not forgetting about
“Number One”.
“Number One” never loses!
Even if he lost, he jokes and smiles. Look, dear! These cheap I
prepared for you!
Choose one!
“Well, of course, Star!”
– I’m very happy with your drawing!
– I need support.
– In the shortest possible time! Right now.
– What do you think?
“You’ll go for five minutes, and you’ll be all ten, or even a night!”
It’s nice to hug you. So hot. So it’s tart. I thought it would not work. Passed and passed,
how is summer. Like the summer in November. In November in China, on your hairy shoulders and shiny head, and
little eyes, dreaming to leave their opportunities here. The possibilities are not tasteless at all.
Less need to drink and smoke. Smoking up to unbearable. So that the steam stands before your eyes
from the ears.
Probably, you are rude and fast. Desperate and sad. To me it is sharp and opposite. But you can not not want you.
Why? Because no one else is here.
There is a “Little Bird” with a mournful face. A person standing and waiting under the door, sucking and
praying, even the door twitches!