Nina Murashkina

An Artist.

Magical Feminism.

“The main topic of my research in art is the psychology of sexuality, personal drama, raised in cult.”

Nina Murashkina makes sensual and metaphorical art which is built on her own sexuality and empirical knowledge of herself.

The artist crystallizes her own intimate experiences and reproduces her own vision of a woman through the vivid feminine images. The women with ambiguous and discredited positioning today are the Goddess: strong and weak at the same time with their snakelike plasticity and delicate sense, rational aspiration and irrational doubt that is able to capture but is more often to be captured.

She lives with the infinite thirst for the harmony of all her entities. Murashkina and her female characters are integral to each other, her stories are the ones of her own experiences and metaphorical self portraits. From a young age she subtly compiled her female image. The elegance of the 19th century was borrowed from the Victorian literature and boldly combined with the ghostly memories of the gloomy, late-Soviet life of Donetsk – the smell of nylon stockings and worn out mother’s pearls.

The realities of the environment where the artist formed are deliberately adorned by the aesthetics of the sentimental era. The fairy fabulousness of Nina’s world scares and the imaginary intimate images of her diaries arise their erotic tone. The artist openly and ironically speaks of one-time love, self-sacrificing trust and the naive play of a young woman towards maturity. With acquiring experience a young woman ascends the peak, where she could for the first time entirely embrace herself in artistic practice and peer into new perspectives.

Murashkina blatantly juggles with a variety of symbols in her works and among the accumulated cultural codes of the epoches the perceiver will meet the attending symbols which will lead them through the tunnels of the artist’s world.

For example, the eyes on the nipples are a long-standing image of hypersensitivity, the ability to rely on deep irrational inner instruments of cognition of the world.

A book unfolded on the knees is the pursuit of rational knowledge, which borders on physical desires and emotional elusiveness.

The bed is the space of the most important life events like sleep, dreams, love, conception, birth and death.

And the snakes, which are identified by the artist with femininity represent  the  elastic fineness, silence and fascinating sexuality. The Spanish artist Xavier Escala created the installation “I’m very shy.” based on Nina’s works, The artists’ tandem leads us to the key idea – harmony. This is an ideological display of the exposition and the symbolic act of sacrifice, which must be raised to itself, in order to leave everything unnecessary in the past and to allow it to exist in the future.

The exhibition “On the Top!” is the search for harmony, maturity and triumph of love of Nina Murashkina. And it’s also a milestone and a bold statement: “I have come true!”

To be continued.

Art critic, Galina Gleba.

1985 – was born in Donetsk, Ukraine. 2000 – 2005 – Studied at Donetsk Art College (Graphics Design). 2005 – 2009 – Studied at Kharkiv Art Design Academy (Monumental Painting). 2011  – Studied at Kyiv Art Academy (Stage Design and Film) 2012 – Poland, Krakow. Art Academy of Jan Mateyko (Paintings). 2009 – became a member of National State Artists Union. 2009 – became a member of Independent Artists Union.

Galleries representation:

“Lysenko Gallery”, London, Great Britain.

“Yagallery”, Kiev, Ukraine: ;

“Nicholas Treadwell Gallery”, Vienna, Austria:

online catalogue:



Personal Projects:


“Woman and Man” / Mironova gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.

“Allegory of Innocence” / Triptych Art Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.


“Sensual Tamer” / Mironova gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.

“Spirit animals” / solo show / Coya gallery, Abu-Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

“Beach. Beauty.” / solo exhibition / Dukley art gallery, Budva, Montenegro.

2019 – 2020

“LYSISTRATA”/ solo exhibition / KORSAK’ museum of Ukrainian contemporary art, Lutsk, Ukraine;

“Murashkina” / solo exhibition / Manufactura gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine;

“LYSISTRATA”/ solo exhibition / gallery of contemporary art “MASLO”, Khmelnitsky, Ukraine;

“DEA” / solo exhibition / “Sala dels Trinitaris”, Vilafranca del Penedes, Barcelona, ​​Spain.


“Dea” / solo exhibition and performance “Sphinx” / Gallery “Ornament”. Kyiv, Ukraine;


«On the Top!» / Solo exhibition / Ermilov art center, Kharkiv, Ukraine;

“NINOCHKA” presentation of artbook / BOOK Arsenal, “Mystetsky Arsenal Gallery” in Kiev, Ukraine;

“BAD/BED” performance / KIEV ART FAIR, Toronto business center, Kiev, Ukraine;


Personal art evening / “It’s NOT the LOUVR” gallery and bar. Kiev, Ukraine;

“NINOCHKA” solo project at the exhibition “Equally different” Modern Art Research Institute of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine  / Kiev, Ukraine.


 “Black Chocolate in Gold” / Glo’art residence in Belgium;

«I am not afraid!» / Museum of Dreams in Kiev, Ukraine;

«The Full Moon!…» / «Spasskaya 45» gallery, Nikolaev, Ukraine;

“I want Love!” / “A3 – Gallery” Moscow, Russia.;

“SERENDIPITY” / “KZ” gallery, Kiev, Ukraine;

“Baby, please forgive me!” Personal art evening.“The Chocolate House” /  branch of the Kiev national museum of the Russian art. Ukraine.


“INSATIABLE”, Contemporary Art Kiev 10./“Mystetsky Arsenal Gallery” in Kiev, Ukraine. / art centre “Yagallery”, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

2014  “I LOVE YOU” / Forum of the art ContemporaryArtKyiv projects – 9,“Art Arsenal Gallery”. Kiev, Ukraine.

Curatorial Projects:


“TOY STORY” curator project/ ArtZbirka Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine;

“Woman Secret” curator project in the Contemporary Art Kiev project 10. / Mystetsky Arsenal Gallery” in Kiev, Ukraine.

2014  «Golden Rain over us» curator project /10 exhibition hall “VDNKH”. Kiev, Ukraine.


Selected group and common Projects


“Fresh Art Fair” / Ascot, United Kingdom, September, 2022.

¨Aberdeen Art Fair¨/ Scotland, United Kingdom, September, 2022.

“Ukraine exhibition”, group exhibition / ¨Port Gallery¨, Barcelona, Spain, September, 2022.

¨Hamptons Fine Art Fair¨/ New York, July 2022.
¨Nord Art¨/ ¨Contemporary Art Exhibition, Budelsdorf, Germany, June – October 2022.

¨Artists againts war¨, group exhibition  / ¨Palo Alto¨, Barcelona, Spain, May, 2022.

“Affordable Art Fair UK”, 10th anniversary edition /  Hampstead Heath London, United Kingdom, May 2022.

“Affordable Art Fair UK” / New York, United States, March 2022.

“Affordable Art Fair UK” / London, United Kingdom, March 2022.


Time not lost, Biruchiy 021. Zaporizhia, Ukraine. September-November 2021.

“Kniga” / Golden Gates museum, Kyiv, Ukraine.

“Kronos Festival” / Exhibition center Santa Monica, Barcelona, Spain.

Nord Art / Contemporary Art Exhibition, Budelsdorf, Germany.

Art residency, Normandy / Normandy, France.


“Out of Scope” / Izolation, contemporary art center, Kiev, Ukraine.

“Univers intim” / capella Sant Joan, Vilafranca del Penedes, Spain.


Exodus / International Symposium of Contemporary Art BIRUCHIY / Island Biruchiy, Ukraine;

Summer Show / Golden Ratio Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Nord Art / Contemporary Art Exhibition, Budelsdorf, Germany.,%20Nina_NordArt%202019.pdf

Kyiv Art Fair / Toronto Business Center, Kyiv, Ukraine;

Intro / Korsakiv Museum of Contemporary Art, Lutsk, Ukraine.

Contemporary Art Women / Institute of Contemporary Art of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine / Kiev, Ukraine.

Intro / Ilko Gallery, Uzhgorod, Ukraine


“Contemporary Art Women” Modern Art Research Institute of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine./ Kiev, Ukraine;

“The GODDESS” collaborative project with Xavier Escala / “Sala dels Trinitaris” exhibition hall, Villafranca del Penedes, Spain;

“Marry Me!” women’s project / museum of Kiev history. Ukraine.


“Forbidden Dreams” The performance “TOGETHER”with Xavier Escala / “Arteria BCN” gallery, Barcelona, Spain;

“Imaginary identities. To have or to be?” Artists Residency / Ermilov Art Center, Kharkiv, Ukraine;

“Hypnosis” project. Art Residency / Xavier Escala’s studio, Sant Cugat Sesgarrigues. Spain;

International Symposium of Contemporary Art “BIRUCHIY”/Island Biruchiy, Ukraine;

“Women’s project” / “Nicolas Treadwell’s Gallery”, Vienna, Austria;

“Artists Childhood” / “Mystetsky Arsenal Gallery” in Kiev, Ukraine;

«The Art of Menschlichkeit» / “Nicolas Treadwell’s Gallery”, Vienna, Austria;

“The Siren” a project – collaboration with Spanish sculptor Xavier Escala / Penza Art Residency, Russia.


ZINE festival / Vienna, Austria;

«Earthly Delights» / “Nicolas Treadwell’s Gallery”, Vienna, Austria;

«Dialoges» / «Lavra» gallery, Kiev, Ukraine;

 “Kunstlersommer Ottensheim 2016 “Honzik” Gallery /Aigen, Austria;

“The Heritage”/ Modern Art Research Institute of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine;

“Involved to Beauty” / Mansion Uvarova Countess. Kiev, Ukraine;

“Women’s Art Project” / Exhibition in the Goverment’s Hall. Kiev, Ukraine;

“Women’s Art Project” / “The Chocolate House”, branch of the Kiev national museum of the Russian art. Ukraine;

«Short stories. Contemporary Artists from Ukraine»  Imago Mundi project / The catalogue presentation. “Mystetsky Arsenal Gallery” in Kiev, Ukraine;

“Ergo Sum” “Dukat Gallery”/ Kiev, Ukraine.


“Green Life” Modern Art Research Institute of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine./ Kiev, Ukraine;

Shanghai International Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition/ Cnina, Shanghai, «Chun Gallery»;

International Symposium of Contemporary Art “BIRUCHIY”. “10/15”/ Island Biruchiy, Ukraine;

Communication. International ArtSymposium /Carpathian, Ukraine;

«Dialogs. Time to listening» / «Lavra Gallery», Kiev, Ukraine;

«Independence coefficient” / American house, Kiev, Ukraine;

«Practice of Modifications» / Modern Art Research Institute of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine / Kiev, Ukraine;

ART Residence “KunstlersommerOttensheim 2015” /Ottensheim. Austria;

Ridicule” /DymchukGallery, KievUkraine;

“The charitable Art project for the safe of life” /“Mystetsky Arsenal Gallery” in Kiev, Ukraine;

Project «Let my people go!»/ Vozdvizhenka Art House, Kiev, Ukraine;

Auction “Golden ratio”, pre – auction exhibition / art-centreМ17, Kiev. Ukraine.