The penguin’s feathers on the tummy reflected the whiteness of the moon.


The penguin’s feathers on the tummy reflected the whiteness of the moon.
Toilet bowls can be:
The Colors of Your Tosca
Mud Colors
Chaste hospital color …
And my dad always loves my mother. To change is expensive. He says. Such an economical person
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His friend, a talented musician, all my childhood and youth was a fever. I then fell in love with him secretly, not knowing what the white fever was, I thought that he was beautiful as in Baudelaire’s poems. When he came to visit us, I was sure: women are not for him, but he is for me!

And he loved to cuddle only with the toilet. I tried it – I did not like it. He’s so cold and slimy if you start a romance with him in the evenings, and even more honestly in the morning, like a post-mortem afterword.

But, from the moment I realized that the toilet rooms should be “at the level”! After all, there are a lot of lonely people … And post-mortem slimy afterwords are also enough for everyone.


That is, near the toilet should at least be nice to lie. Around him a lot of space. Suddenly, during the loneliness of the nervous you gained weight, and in a small toilet just do not fit in!

When it’s scary or disgusting to look into the eyes of a snob, I imagine this comrade in a glass of tomato juice, he floundered, paws his hands and eventually chokes and drowns. Sinks in juice or in a drain pan …

And when you run and run to a new job, nobody will wait for you, nobody will shout, it’s still all the same … you just run to the toilet in the passage, paid … In the hope that this place, this booth without people will give what something calm and confidence before the new …

But, this does not happen. Standing over someone else’s toilet, and there is a draft, it’s better not to undress at all. The smell of chlorine mixed with “Red Moscow”, from the next booth sounds the bad past night, and something flows to the feet of the first standing in the queue to the toilet.

And, when we did not have a door, you shouted hard, if you heard footsteps along the corridor, as if they were not mine at all:

– Busy !!!

It touched me so, because we are familiar at this level … And our toilet is not a through yard!


Your Burning Eyes has not given me peace for six months already. How could you overtake me in the toilet and say that this is LOVE? What is DESTINY … I immediately realized that this is just such a color in your eyes, the color of burnt chestnuts … The distance for us with you was so complementary for both! You did not hear the smell of tequila at my cheeks, did not see that I did not always get scarlet lipstick in front of a mirror, even clean, but public. It was absolutely superfluous to meet me for the second time in the Toilets! After all, you will not do anything! You wear only black socks, smell like a fan on football in the last row, and you think if the “scab” is supplied with gel, and there are still teeth for a smile, can you lie in wait for me in the toilet?

Knight’s move happened later … I drank, even started to dance, but music is something talented … You said that he was like a brother to you … So I came to listen! A slowly boring woman approached me from the side, looking at me a little, she introduced herself to your Wife !!!

How did the Angels do not sleep! How pleasant it is to recall that Toilet, the faces of those who are lolling to us …

Notice, beautiful, not drunken faces.

After all, my first engagement ring was also in the toilet.

Maybe because you did not buy it? And bought only shoes for me after your treason?

Ever since the sunset of my bright youth … I’m looking in the toilet rooms for something that’s lost, something first and unique, such that it hurts even the walls of the drain keg. After all, it was silver, with inscriptions, such a favorite and so went to your hands. In scars, but thin and beautiful …

But now. Wherever I appear, always the first thing I look for is the toilet! And the music of the drain water for me is painful and beautiful, almost like Chopin …


Maybe it’s very modern or vice versa, old-fashioned? I do not understand.

To retire in public places … Although, in “Cook, Thief, His Wife and Her Lover” it’s beautiful until “I can not how”! But you did not lie nearby, of course, to be eaten at the dinner table.

Often these women and grandmothers at the entrance to the toilet consider you as entertainment, the last in their life.

Imagine – you are a Star! Star Toilet level !!!

You go into it, it sparkles, straightens your stockings and hair, smeared with powder, as if from head to foot, and it’s just your face, huge to indecency, drive away flies, splashing on them and yourself with perfume, feel skin with a new day and rhythm Tango, and there … “Funeral” by Sergei Shnurov!