“Allegory of Innocence”


Nina Murashkina is one of the few artists in Ukrainian contemporary art who speaks openly and honestly about desire, love, sensuality, sexual attraction, disappointment, and feminism. Works with installations, paintings, graphics, objects, often combining them in one project. “I’ve always been worried,” says the author, “about how to combine sugary sugar, marmalade, kitsch, but at the same time sincere, almost folklore, openly vulgar, like the look of sweaty eyes across the whole subway car … with a clean and strong line, harmony of color and childish perception of what is happening …. “.




In the period of almost formed matriarchy, paradoxically and absurdly, deep down girls and some boys are still waiting for the only one who will disturb their peace and decorate their lives with fireworks of emotions and passions.   The new series of my works “Allegory of Chastity” reflects the ambiguity of what is happening: chastity is more than half an obsolete attribute, but still relevant in life. Some of the heroes of my painting are sitting in a box, like in a golden cart with a wobbly wheel, unable to ride on winding roads, some are not yet kissed at all, and it deserves special attention, and some are flying in streams of pleasure. And around a cruel-cruel world with its vices, violence, betrayals and lies… The source of my inspiration was the Ukrainian folk song “Why didn’t you come?”