¨Ukraine exhibition¨

Group exhibition of Ukrainian artists in Barcelona.

¨Port Gallery¨, Barcelona.



“Victory ride”

diameter 150 cm, acrylic, golden leaf, canvas on a board.

This piece depicts a day of victory, with the woman riding atop a red horse and smoking a cigarette in celebration. She is surrounded in gold and angelic people cheering her along. I illustrate plants and flowers growing all around, a reference to traditional Ukrainian art. A small red crown floats above her head as she sits leisurely atop her horse, celebrating her hard-earned victory.


“Beautiful Ukrainian refugee at the border…”
d – 150 cm, acrylic, golden leaf on linen.

– Що там видно у дзеркалі? Лише усміхнений рот, на межі нервового зриву чи надії.

Я довго наважувалася розпочати нову серію робіт, під впливом нової реальності війни.
Це непросто, але водночас потрібно не мовчати.
Величезна хвиля еміграції ринула з України до Європи і далі світом.
Більшість біженців – це жінки. Серед них є повністю розбиті горем жінки.
Але є й молоді, красиві, готові до нового життя та звершень.

– What is seen in the mirror? Only a smiling mouth, on the verge of a nervous breakdown or hope.

It took me a long time to decide to start a new series of artworks, influenced by the new reality of war.
It is not easy, but at the same time it is necessary not to be silent.
A huge wave of emigration poured from Ukraine to Europe and further around the world.
Most of the refugees are women. Among them are completely heartbroken women.
But there are also young, beautiful, ready for a new life and achievements.




“Susanna and the Elders”
46 x 22 x 22 cm,
ceramic vase, underglaze drawing, gold, third fire.

Created at @xavierescala studio.
Gracias a @ceramicarles

Thank you, @lysenkogallery
for representation and fine description of my artwork:

‘Susanna and the Elders’ is a famous narrative told in the Book of Daniel, where Susanna is spied on by two elders whilst she is bathing. This scene was often depicted during the Renaissance period, in particular by Artemisia Gentileschi, one of the few prominent female artists of her time. Murashkina recreates the scene for her series ‘The Wives of War’. She imagines Ukrainian women across Europe catching the attention of older men whilst on the beach or in other public areas. The Turkish blue background, which is used throughout the series, gives the piece a playful and lighthearted quality.

¨Your smell¨, 2022.
Ceramic, underglaze drawing, gold, third fire.
41.5 × 20 × 20 cm

‘Your smell’ describes the feeling of nostalgia for the smell of a lover. Playful illustration shows a woman ‘loosing her head’ because of the smell, as she wishes to reunite with her love. This piece forms a part of her series ‘The Wives of War’, as she depicts this Ukrainian woman missing the husband she had to leave behind. She is surrounded by strangers who are all lusting over her. However, a grandiose angel is also there, holding lilies in her hand – a symbol of innocence. The angel is reminding the woman to not suppress her pure feelings. This dramatic scene in black and white, which likens it to a film noire.