«Shaken Kitty or Wild Gepard?»


Imaginary identities. To have or to be?
Project – research, performance, installation.
I suggest that all participants of the project and outside of it determine what kind of animal it is. An animal that meets the habits or the essence of personality.
«Shaken Kitty or Wild Gepard?»
Who are you?
Tremulous Fallow-Deer or a Shaken Kitty?
Soft Lynx or Wild Guepard?
I made up my mind about which Animal You are in this wild, quite bourgeois, full of thrash, vanity and kitsch forest.
I’m curious to know, is my idea match with yours “identities”?
Questions about identity:
1. What kind of animal you are?
2. What do you eat, how do you hunt?
3. With which animal do you want Love and offspring (children)?
4. What sound do you use to attract the opposite sex, your sympathy?
At the opening we have had a performance with the participation of Stephen Sheehan(https://www.stephen-sheehan.com/) in the image of an Eagle.

To every one participant of this residence I created a special portrait, from my fantasies and a real portrait, based on their interview that I took before. The main topic of the research is to realize – which animal you are inside and outside of your human being life. During the opening “the animals” were invited to a dinner. There they could see on their personal plates which imaginine animals they are in my artistic view.

This project is full of humor and grotesque.

The paintings I created for this projects are self portraits in Angels look. One is Blue – seducing and tender, and another one is red – brave and bold.

Also I was one of the portraits plates! And I’m a Penguin! The Penguin can slide to every surface it can reach to get a target.