“Black Chocolate in Gold”


“Black Chocolate in Gold” Series.
As I see it, my style has something sensual in it. My art is erotic, it’s more sensuality coexisting with eroticism. The seduction of elegance for sexual freedom, and in small drops, the poison is never deadly.
It is dedicated to the deepest feelings within me and from another angle, it shows a nice taste for black humour and the absurdity of the situation. To love someone and yet be unable to give this feeling because a person doesn’t want to be loved just for sex. It’s about global loneliness around the world nowadays. It’s about forgotten feelings like when you are eating the chocolate, it can remind you of something special from your own life….the moments when you were in love.

Belgium, Lamaken. Created by support from “Glo’art” international art residence. 2016.