“DEA” solo show, Spain. 2019.

“Dea” Nina Murashkina
The woman as primordial archetype, brimming with raw energy, like a voluble goddess (Dea) related to the lunar cycles, radiant of light, or obscure and submerged into deep waters, is the symbolic and compositional center of the works by Nina Murashkina.
The subjects are powerful and multiform women, who dominate the composition and catches the spectator’s attention without pathetic efforts, most of the times showing an archaic smile, which can also be related to the symbolic protection of the lipstick and to the obfuscation of the rational senses, to follow the passional impulse of the blood.
As an actress who consciously plays a role in a tragicomic opera, the central character is conducted by the circumstances without holding resistance, either she is living an exaltation of movement and life (where flowers, angels and submissive obscure characters dance to the rhythm of an orgiastic swing), or the obscurity of a latent desire where rational senses are no longer useful and Eros and Tanatos get closer to each other.
The artist reaches to recreate an original universe, generated by its extremely feminine and passionate nature. The images of the unconscious emerge in a natural flow by a methodical, circular sense of drawing and composition, to reach a conclusion in the field of symbolism. The talent to connect with the divine part within every woman, and to express this secret garden in the most sincere way, together with a complete identification of life and work, is the center of the exhibition “Dea”.

Xavier Escala lete identification of life and work, is the center of the exhibition “Dea”.